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15th Annual Winterfest Performance

The SciTech Band students performed their 15th Annual Winterfest Concert on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021. The students' performance in the SciTech gymnasium was recorded, broadcast, and livestream by Focus Springfield Community TV.

Below pictures: SciTech Band students performing their 15th Annual Winterfest Concert on December 15th, 2021.

Left (video): Focus Springfield Community TV's recording of the Winterfest performance.


Promoting Black Health, Joy, and Wellness

A group of SciTech Band students recorded student Solomon Jones' composition "School Soul" as a part of a new partnership being started between Bay Path University and the SciTech Band. This video, along with a number of SciTech Band performance videos, was shown at the Black History Month Community Luncheon on February 15th 2022, put on by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Student Life at Bay Path University.

VIRTUAL Band Videos

Ms. Ouellette worked tirelessly with her co-teachers Mr. Bernice, Ms. Lueth, and mentoring director Anthony Diaz throughout the 2020-2021 remote school year to create a series of engaging instrumental lesson videos, for students to continue with their music learning while learning virtually.


Left (video): A lesson and demonstration of instrument parts for "The Tempest," measures 69-76. One of many lesson videos that are now featured on the SciTech Band YouTube channel.

Below (video): SciTech Band students' virtual performance of "Canon Remix."

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